Saldea has manufactured Industrial hot air guns for over 20 years

During which time we have acquired considerable expertise in a variety of industrial applications.
All our guns are designed as well as balanced hand held tools but are extremely versatile and
consequently can easily be mounted into equipment for permanent installation.
Hot air guns from Saldea provide a high level of control and produce a consistent localised flow
of Hot Air at precisely regulated temperatures.

They are suitable for a variety of industrial uses and some of the most popular applications are:

Shrinking plastics
Welding and Forming plastics
Paint stripping

Hot air guns are available with integrated blowers convenient use in areas of limited access or
alternatively they are available for use with an indipendent air supply.
The guns are supplied with round nozzle (see photo), the accessories are showed in the "Our products" area (Interchangeability of the accessories on MP300, MP300E, MP195, MP2000.